Guess the 80s Answers and Cheats

These Guess the 80’s answers, cheats, guides, and tips can help you get past that level you can’t figure out. Guess the 80’s is a fun trivia game for Android devices that is all about the 80’s. Similar to other apps by Random Logic Games like What’s the Word and Guess the 90’s, all you have to do is look at a picture and try to guess what the answer is. It sounds easy, but unless you know everything there is to know about the 80’s, you’ll find yourself stuck pretty quickly! Just rely on our Guess the 80’s answers, cheats, tips, and guides to get you through all 20 levels and 200 answers.

Guess the 80s Levels:

guess the 80s categories
Guess the 80s Categories
guess the 80s levels 1-10
Levels 1-10
guess the 80s levels 11-20
Levels 11-20

The 1980’s was a decade of big hair, electronic dance music, and burgeoning computer, tech, and gaming industries. So many great things were introduced to the world, including Pac-Man, Back to the Future, and the Macintosh, that it’s a blast to play through Guess the 80’s and remember all the things that made the 80’s a decade to remember. The app goes through all the different celebrities, games, toys, sports figures, products, and more that were popular in the 80’s and it’s your job to figure out what each one is.

Although Guess the 80’s relies for the most part on your knowledge of the 80’s, there is actually some strategy involved in the game. When you get a new picture, you also get a jumble of letters that you need to use to unscramble the answer. Even if you can’t think of the answer or don’t even recognize the picture, you can still try using the letters to form likely combinations. There is also a hint feature that uses coins you can earn or buy to help come up with the answer. But if you’re truly stuck, don’t worry, because we have all the Guess the 80’s answers, cheats, guides, and tips to get you through the game.